(Case Study) A Brighter Smile For Motivosity

Their Journey In Creating A Killer Affiliate Program - Business to Business

"The best return we've seen in a long time!"

~ Javi, Marketing Director

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An Often Overlooked Marketing Channel

For years Motivosity (employee recognition and feedback software and coaching consulting to build amazing employee cultures) had grown its customer base through traditional channels. Which they had great success in doing. Javi had some experience in the affiliate space and knew if done right with the right agency, an affiliate program is a solution for more traffic, lower QPA, and building brand awareness. So they decided to partner with The Affiliate Pros and the numbers speak for themselves

The Affiliate Pros

93% Increased

Traffic in their first month


$470k+ Sales

In their first 6-months


67% Lower Cost

Per acquired client

Proven For Highest Return on Investment

Often Affiliates are willing to work off commission.

A common stigma about affiliate marketing is you can't track the return on your investment. And that is straight bologna! Through our negotiation tactics, we find affiliates willing to work for commission on QLs and completed sales! Not only does this lower your upfront costs, but this allows you to monitor the quality of content they create over time.

Free Online Affiliate Marketing Pre-Assessment

Real-Time Insights

Free Online Affiliate Marketing


Real-Time Insights

Get a quick online valuation with analysis of your brand's strengths, opportunities and the potential to generate real growth with affiliate marketing

Long-Term Benefits

Once the ball starts rolling, it doesn't stop.

As we build long-term relationships with Affiliates, word gets out that your brand cares about referral marketing. And before you know it, you'll have big time Affiliates applying to promote your brand for a small commission. And walla, not only are you improving your long term benefits like brand recognition and search engine optimization (SEO) all at the same time, you're on your way to millions.

The Affiliate Pros
The Affiliate Pros
The Affiliate Pros

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